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“If you are gonna suck up the gravy; sometimes, you gotta chew on the bones!”

Uncle Wilber
Me in Scotland at the fabulous Eilean Donan Castle
Typically known as Weldon in Rapides Parish and around the global oilfield community, Doyle to his friends in Sabine Parish.

Weldon is considered by some a veteran, pioneer and trailblazer in the realm of submerged well control equipment and systems, authoring several operational procedures, risk analysis and preventative maintenance procedures. Visit the website: http://www.hossintl.com for inquiries about oilfield consulting.

Doyle Weldon Knight was born in Alexandria, Louisiana on Thanksgiving Day in 1961 to a mother born on Friday the 13th of October, 1939. Before his fifth birthday, his father was tragically killed in an automobile accident.

In 1970, his mother remarried and the fourth grader named Weldon was uprooted from Rapides Parish and moved to Sabine Parish. Work was expected by all family members and Weldon and his stepbrothers worked hard. They played even harder and loved the benefits of the great southern outdoors. Hunting and fishing became a lifelong passion for Weldon.

He was uprooted again in 1978 and moved back to Rapides Parish to assist his grandmother with caregiver needs for his infirm grandfather. After graduating high school in 1979, Weldon entered the offshore environment of southern Louisiana. He met his soulmate; they wed in 1983 and had three children. A son and two daughters.

He worked multitude of roles from oilfield laborer to corporate management over the next forty years, both domestically and abroad, with residences in Scotland and Brazil. He always loved to read; mostly the macabre and the supernatural fiction authors.

During a shipyard project in 2016, Weldon was asking other personnel onboard if they had any books that he could swap out with. He had read the books he had brought and wanted to exchange. A couple of colleagues suggested that with his story telling skills, he should write books instead of reading them. He tried writing and found a passionate enjoyment that has persisted since. The origin of the novel, The Flip, was started that day with the original first draft completed in two weeks.

The grand lady that was born on Friday the thirteenth in 1939 succumbed to cancer on the night of her last remaining unwed granddaughters wedding day in March 2017. Weldon took a sabbatical from writing for a while and after semi-retiring from the oilfield at the end of 2018, restarted writing interests in 2019. Nothing like twin grandsons to kick start the anti-depression train; Chuga-chuga-Choo-Choo!